Maryvonne LaParlière

“Maryvonne has brought so much honor to the town of Gordonsville with her wonderful talent. She has contributed to Gordonsville to become a destination town..”

Bob Coiner, Mayor of Gordonsville, VA; 2007

“Maryvonne LaParlière paints magical murals…”

Southern Living Magazine, 2004

“Maryvonne brings joy and beauty and puts all her heart in her work…” 

Priscilla Presley, for National French Magazine “télé 7Jours;” 1997

“My dear friend, may you never change and always stay so positive and free. I miss you sincerely” 

Priscilla Presley, CA; 2004

“Those (works of art) are absolutely gorgeous!…”

Larry Hagman, CA; 1992

“She was one of the precursors and perhaps, according to Victorian Magazine, the one to establish the concept of an entire scene on furniture…”

Editor Home Solutions, Real Estate Weekly, VA; 2002

It is rare that I give a recommendation, but Maryvonne LaParlière is really the best I have seen in America. Her scene paintings have depth, correct perspective and are beautifully done.

Robert Kendal, architect, VA; 2008

“Maryvonne’s talent has brought the French “Art de vivre” to Virginia. It complements and blends with a countryside that Thomas Jefferson had enriched with his vision nurtured by his travels trough France during his tenure as ambassador.

Nicole Yancey, French Consul of VA; 2007

No other artist is versatile as Maryvonne LaParlière for she has the talent to bring a “French Flair” to homes that have witnessed much of America’s History. She can turn a bland wall into a 18th century pastoral scene that could be found in any French castle. Her hand painted furniture could have their place in an elegant boudoir. Her paintings can hang in galleries anywhere in the world, she can translate on canvas impressionist as well as classical masterpieces.

Nicole Yancey, French Consul of VA; 2008

“La personnalité exceptionnellement chaleureuse et sensible de Maryvonne Laparlière trouve son accomplissement dans ses créations artistiques toutes fortes et empruntes d’une grace intemporelle. Rien ne heurte, rien ne désoriente. La communication est immédiate entre l’artiste et celui qui admire ses oeuvres. Cette façon d’aller droit à l’esprit et au Coeur s’appelle le talent. Maryvonne en a énormement.”

Catherine Hermary-Vieille, writer, (Prix Femina 1981); 2008

“I was compelled to write to you and express how absolutely beautiful your work is. It took my breath away.”

Sue Wajerski, 1999

“I am in awe in front of your talent. You would be an example to follow…”

Josée Rocheleau, Quebec; 1998

“Your work is stunning. I think I read about you in magazines of decoration. You are a truly talented and gifted artist. Thank you for the inspiration.

Barbara Reyer, 1998

“If one day you ever want apprentices, I will be willing to sleep in a barn and just eat bread to learn from you. I study in Paris at the Institut Superieur de Peinture Decorative, and my teacher said that no one compare to you in France… and I totally agree. Thank you for your talent.”

Carole Duriez, Paris; 1999

“Il est plutôt rare et de fait, il ne m’était encore jamais arrivé d’écrire à une parfaite ou un parfait inconnu. Mon épouse et moi tenons à vous féliciter pour votre travail superbe; on y voit un talent à toute épreuve. Vos oeuvres font rêver.”

La Famille Tremblay, France; 2002

“Wow! I am sure you know how fabulous your work is and I am sure it is nice to hear it. I am also an artist, though it is strange saying that to someone of your skill. I just wanted to say that I hope one day I will be half skilled as you are.”

Just a Fan

“I just wanted to let you know that your work is absolutely beautiful. I have found your story inspiring. You’re doing what I’ve always dreamt of doing. If you ever found your way to Vancouver or Canada, I’d love to see one of your exhibitions.”
Barbara Beamiss, Vancouver; 1998

“What work! What a site ! What a woman! Stunning!
Peter Sutton Fitsgibbon, Dublin, Ireland

“Your work is utterly inspiring to me! I have spend much time pouring over your work and I am amazed at your freedom to be so creative. You have a wonderful talent….Any plan for a book?” Donna J.

Snyder, 1999

“I just wanted to send a compliment on the work done at Goleta Valley Hospital. I am looking at the mural and am absolutely in awe over the beauty of the mural on the second floor of the building. The colors and details are quite incredible. Just wanted to thank you for brightening my day.”

Craig; January 2018